Holistic Veterinary Care in Southern California, Preventive medicine for dogs, Nutrition, Allergy Relief and essential oils.

Holistic Preventive Medicine

Dr Ken Tudor





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“First, do no harm.”



Holistic Veterinary Care


“For your dog’s optimal health, we stress a strong nutritional foundation, illness prevention when possible and safe, effective treatment alternatives when necessary.”

- Dr. Ken Tudor

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You think the idea of a proactive approach makes sense to you, but don't know how it works? Here is what you can expect at each visit:

Relaxed Atmosphere: Carpeted office with home furnishing rather than cold steel tables. Circulating fountain water dish with filtered bottled water for your dog. Bottled water, ice tea or cold Frappuccino for you.

Unhurried: 1-hour consultation ($59) to obtain a complete medical history, perform a thorough wellness exam and develop a comprehensive wellness program. We take time to really listen.

 Wellness Program- “Helping your dog get the best out of every day”

There are 5 components to our Wellness Program: Diet, Supplements, Exercise, Prevention, and Therapy. Together these components build a foundation for resilience. It is this sturdiness that makes a difference when your dog is stressed or has an accident. Many illnesses can be prevented and many more can be minimized when overall health is optimized. Our goal is to maximize your dog’s health so every day of every year is at full quality. That is truly a life well lived.

The chart below shows some of the specifics that will make up your dog's Wellness Program. It will be tailored individually to  your dog and updated as needed to reflect any changes that may occur.






Dog Food

The cornerstone of our Wellness Program is nutrition. It is what supports your dog's basic health. Without proper nutrition, none of the other strategies will be as effective.

“Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food”


  • Homemade or Regular  (according to your needs)
  • Meal Plans
  • Treat Selection

Nutrition Aids

Probiotics and prebiotics along with a host of Omega 3 oils and Herbal Supplements provide an ample array of options for giving the body a bit of an extra boost. They help with digestion and building strong immune systems.

“Bridging the gap - for resilience that food alone can't supply”

  • Digestive Relief - Improved absorption and stability
  • Immune System Strengthening
  • Brain, Heart, Liver, and Kidney Support

Exercise Program

It goes without saying that exercise is essential. Things like muscle tone and providing adequate oxygen to the brain are just a few of the benefits of regular exercise. You might enjoy it too!

“Exercise is life in motion. Move to live”

  • Types of activity that are appropriate for your dog's age and health
  • Intensity levels
  • Frequency per week
  • Duration for each session

Proactive Health Practices

The reason we recommend coming in twice a year is so that the resilience you want for your dog is supported by practices that actually bring about that outcome.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”

  • Bi-annual Wellness Exams
  • Wellness Lab Screens
  • Vaccination Titers & Strategic Vaccinations
  • Natural & Traditional Flea and Parasite Control
  • Home Dental and Skin Hygiene Program

Low Intervention Disease Management

Another reason we encourage regular visits is so that if a problem does develop, it can be treated with the most gentle therapy possible. Once a disease has passed a certain point, treatments with more side effects become necessary.

“It is easier to put out a brush fire than a raging inferno”

  • Chinese or Western Herbs
  • Essential Oil Therapy
  • Therapeutic Massage & Acupressure
  • Cold Laser Therapy
  • Traditional Medicine Prescriptions