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Dr Ken Tudor

The Dog Dietitian

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We Believe that Diet is the Cornerstone of Health


Diet is also the aspect of a dog's health over which we have the most control - so if long life, fewer trips to the vet and improved vigor matter to you as much as to us, then we would love to help guide your journey.


Each family is different. We respect your time and budget constraints. We want to help you make the best decisions that fit your lifestyle.

What is the best food to buy for your Dog? Dr Ken Tudor can help.


A Passion for Your Dog's Health

Ken Tudor, DVM

A veterinary practice exclusively focused on dog nutrition




    When I graduated from veterinary school I thought the goal of all health professionals should be to promote wellness and ultimately put themselves out of business. I still believe in that goal. That is why I started my new practice, The Dog Dietitian.


    I have owned my own traditional veterinary practice and worked as a relief veterinarian in over 25 different animal hospitals. These experiences have given me great insights into our profession. What I found is that our profession is focused primarily on the ill patient, not on promoting wellness.


    Traditional appointments are only 15-30 minutes long in order to evaluate the problem and develop a treatment plan. This is generally not enough time to discuss disease prevention through proper food selection, feeding programs and activity plans.


    The Dog Dietitian changes all of that. I feel that taking more time and focusing foremost on nutrition will promote vigorous health and reduce the need for traditional veterinary services. As your dog’s and puppy’s nutrition coach, you and I can keep them at the peak of performance well into the geriatric years. Together we can extend your dog’s life and your time with your family’s best friend.


    My practice has only one focus so I can devote full attention to your needs.


    A Passion for Your Dog’s Health




    “The best birthdays of all are those that haven’t arrived yet.”   - Anonymous



    The proper dietary program can:


    1. Help many allergic and inflammatory conditions

    2. Manage chronic kidney, liver and pancreatic disease

    3. Improve overall health

    4. Support recovery from illness or surgery

    5. Promote exuberant energy

    6. Increase lifespan

    7. Reduce veterinary bills


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